Shelfridges cage accessories

Shelfridges is currently offline for relocation. I plan to trading again later in 2014 

Only pure natural pine wood is used by Shelfridges - the only treatment it receives is being kiln-dried to sterilise against any natural spores or bacteria that may have been present in the tree. Kiln-drying the wood also removes virtually all of the phenol from the wood - this is the sap that gives pine its fresh smell, but it is also a natural acid and if consumed in large quantities it can give your pet digestive problems, particularly in rats.


The shelves will fit any small animal cage with mesh up to 1" or 25mm, or barred cages with 1/2" or 13mm spacing. Different fitments can be supplied if required (although they are not suitable for the most of the plastic Rotastak or Habitrail style Gerbil and Hamster housing) and each shelf is held in place using corrosion resistant screws and washers. Enough fixings are supplied with each shelf to ensure a secure and stable fitment, without stressing or damaging the animal cage bars, whilst also keeping the shelf close to the bars which removes  the risk of your pet catching its limbs.

Attaching the shelves requires nothing more than a cross-head screwdriver. All fixings are pre-drilled  minimising the effort needed to fit them in the cage.  Your pet will be curious when the new ledge is first installed, so all exposed edges of shelves are sanded smooth and checked for splinters before dispatch, though it will not take long for the ledge to be "customised" to your pet's liking! You can be assured that all Shelfridges products have been thoroughly cage tested by our own two Chinchillas.